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ko-un Bibliografia

Un Ko
Ko Un ha pubblicato oltre centoventi volumi, tra cui molti volumi di poesia, varie opere di narrativa (in particolare narrativa buddista), autobiografia, teatro, saggi, traduzioni dal cinese classico, libri di viaggi, ecc. Selezioni di sue opere sono state tradotte in inglese (6-7 volumi), spagnolo (4-5 volumi), italiano, francese, tedesco, giapponese, cinese, vietnamita, ceco, bulgaro, svedese e danese.
Poesia Other World Sensibility (1960) Seaside Poems: God, the Last Village of Languages (1966) Sentence to Death (1960, 1988) Senoya: Little Songs (1970) On the Way to Munui Village (1977) Going into Mountain Seclusion (1977) The Continent 1-9 (1977) Early Morning Road (1978) Homeland Stars (1984) Pastoral Poems (1986) Fly High, Poems! (1986) The Person Who Should Leave (1986) Sumi Mountain (1987) Nirvana (1988) Your Eyes (1988) My Evening (1988) The Grand March of That Day (1988) Morning Dew (1990) For Tears (1991) One Thousand Years’ Cry and Love: Lyrical Poems of Paektu Mountain (1990) Sea Diamond Mountain (1991) What?-Zen Poems (1991) Songs on the Street (1991) Song of Tomorrow (1992) The Road Not Yet Taken (1993) Songs for ChaRyong (1997) Dokdo Island (1995) Ten Thousand Lives, 15 volumi (1986-1997) Paektu Mountain: An Epic, 7 volumi (1987-94) A Memorial Stone (1997) Whispering (1998) Far, Far Journey (1999) South and North (2000) The Himalayan Poems (2000) Flowers of a Moment (2001) Poetry Left Behind (2002) Late Songs (2002) Ten Thousand Lives, Volumi 16-20 (2003) Ten Thousand Lives, Volumi 21-23 (2006)
Romanzi Cherry Tree in Another World (1961) Eclipse (1974) A Little Traveler (1974) Night Tavern: A Collection of Short Stories (1977) A Shattered Name (1977) The Wandering Souls: Hansan and Seupduk (1978) A Certain Boy: A Collection of Short Stories (1984) The Garland Sutra (Little Pilgrim) (1991) Their Field (1992) The Desert I Made (1992) Chongsun Arirang (1995) The Wandering Poet Kim, 3 volumi (1995) Zen: A Novel, 2 volumi (1995) Sumi Mountain, 2 volumi (1999)
Saggi Born to be Sad (1967) Sunset on the G-String (1968) Things that Make Us Sad (1968) Where and What Shall We Meet Again? — A Message of Despair (1969) An Era is Passing (1971), (1973) For Disillusionment (1976) Intellectuals in Korea (1976) The Sunset on the Ghandis (1976) A Path Secular (1977) With History, With Sorrow (1977) For Love (1978) Or Truth (1978) For the Poor (1978) Penance to the Horizon (1979) My Unnamable Spiritual (1979) Age of Despair & Hope (1985) You and I on Earth (1985) Flowers from Suffering (1986) Flow, Water (1987) Ko Un’s Correspondence (1989) The Leaves Become Blue Mountain (1989) Wandering and Running at Full Speed (1989) History is Dreaming (1990) How I Wandered from Field to Field (1991) Diamond Sutra I Experience (1993) Meditation in the Wilderness (1993) Truth-Seeker (1993) I Will Not Be Awakened (1993) At the Living Plaza (1997) Morning with Poetry (1999) The Road Has Traces of Those Who Went Before (2001) The History I Met (2002) Towards a Plaza (2002)
Reportages di viaggio Old Temples: My Pilgrimage, My Country (1974) Cheju Island (1975) A Trip to India (1993) Mountains and Rivers,(1999) My Mountains and Rivers (1999)
Lavori di letteratura critica Literature and People (1986) Poetry and Reality (1986) Twilight and Avant-Garde (1990)
Biografie A Critical Biography of Yi Jungsŏp (1973) A Critical Biography of the Poet Yi Sang (1973) A Critical Biography of Han Yong-Un (1975)
Autobiografia Son of Yellow Soil: My Childhood (1986) I, Ko Un, 3 Volumes (1993) My Bronze Period (1995) I & II
Traduzioni Selected Poems of the Tang Dynasty (1974) Selected Poems of Tufu (1974) Chosa: Selected Poems by Kulwon (1975) Selected Poems form The Book of Odes (1976)
Libri per bambini I am a Country Dog (1997) I Want to be a Postman Spook in the Rainy Day Chayŏng’s Birthday party
Riconoscimenti letterari e culturali Korean Literature Prize (1974, 1987) Manhae Literary Prize (1989) Joong-Ang Cultural Award (1991) Daesan Literary Prize (1994) Manhae Grand Prize (1998) Buddhist Literary Prize (1999) Danjae Prize (2004) Unification Award (2005) Bjornson Order for Literature (2005)
Ko Un (Kunsan, 1º agosto 1933), è un poeta, scrittore, saggista, autore teatrale e pittore sudcoreano, tra le figure più rappresentative della Corea del Sud contemporanea. Ko Un nasce nel 1933 durante l'occupazione giapponese in una cittadina della regione Cholla settentrionale della Corea e sarà il testimone delle vicende dolorose che il suo Paese dovrà affrontare nell'arco di numerosi decenni: dalla dominazione coloniale, agli orrori della Seconda guerra mondiale, dalla guerra fratricida... 3